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The mission of D2K Traffic Safety is to provide a resolute array of roadway construction traffic services with a focus on safety and customer service.  Our highly skilled staff will deliver quality products and services in a highly professional manner to ensure the building of long term relationships.  Succeeding in that goal ensures the success of our employees as well as all our stakeholders.

The vision of D2K Traffic Safety is to be the premiere traffic safety provider in creating a workplace where employees are proud to share a passion for protecting lives on the roadways, where employees are family and friends and are provided the opportunity to participate in setting goals for success, and where the legacy built over decades is sustainable.

D2K Traffic Safety has adopted this list of core values to provide us the guiding principles we need to form the solid core of not only who we are, but also who our targeted customers, suppliers and service providers, i.e., our “partners” will be as we move forward:

  • Safety, first and foremost – We consider it a privilege to participate in the roadway safety services industry and with that privilege comes the huge responsibility to provide a safe environment for our workers, our customers representatives and the public whose path crosses ours.

  • Integrity and respect – It is our commitment that we will act at all times with the utmost integrity and professionalism, that we will consider all those with whom we do business deserving of our respect.

  • Reliability and dependability – We understand that those with whom we do business have choices.  We will earn the right to be chosen, committed to the highest standards of performance.

  • Promoting innovation – We will promote the use of and perform our services using state-of-the-art technology in roadway safety products and systems in order to promote the highest level of safety, of efficiency, of profitability, and sustainability thereby delivering the highest level of success for our business “partners”.

  • Continuous improvement – We will create an environment where status quo is never enough, where we strive to improve our operations, our processes, our services and our people, to ensure they are proud of their accomplishments and never believe that there is no reason to do better.

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1505 Frontenac Road

Naperville Illinois 60502



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8:00 am – 8:00 pm

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